Darjeeling/ Assam/ Nilgiri Tea

Add one teaspoon of tea per cup into your teapot and pour freshly boiled water to it. Brew for 3-4 minutes and filter the tea into cups. Add Lemon or milk and sugar to taste and relish your cup of Indian Tea.

Masala Chai *

"Chai" is prepared by mixing 1/3 milk and 2/3 water and putting the mixture to boil together. As soon as it boils, add ½ teaspoon of Masala Chai per cup into the boiling contents and let it simmer for 1 minute. Add sugar to taste and filter into cups.

Iced Tea

Use Nilgiri tea and prepare a strong liquor. Now pour the liquor over a tall glass filled with ice. Add sugar syrup and lemon juice and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Wash your tea pot with warm water and add half teaspoonper cup of the tea (spice blended) into the pot. Add freshly boiled water to it and brew for 3 minutes. You may add saffron for more flavour. Filter the tea into cups and add sugar or honey if desired to relish your cup of Kashmiri Kahwa Tea.